By way of settling an odd bet, here are some footnotes from an old essay on financial crisis, national debt and disciplinary practice in the 1930s (pdf):

Cutting Democracy’s Knot

In his first extended speech in the midst of the rebellions of the banlieues and an officially declared state of emergency, French President Jacques Chirac announced that the problem confronting France was ‘a crisis of meaning, a crisis of reference points and an identity crisis.’ Some time before this, Jean-Luc Nancy had remarked that ‘the…

Autonomy, Recognition, and Movement

Full text, The Commoner, n.11, 2006. Reprinted in S. Shukaitis; D. Graeber; E. Biddle (eds), Constituent Imagination. Militant Investigations, Collective Theorization, Oakland, AK Press, 2007, pp. 127-136. Excerpt in German appears as “Die Internalisierung des Kommandos als Gewohnheit: Autonomie, Erkenntnis, Bewegun” (2009). First paragraph below the fold