Signs of Life

Recently, “illegal immigration” was listed in a Defence Department White Paper as a “non-military threat to our national life.” Around the same time, the Dept of Immigration announced a campaign of “saturation surveillance” extending from the northern coastline to well outside Australian territorial waters, and the systematic use of biometrics in the implementation of ‘border protection.’

Full text, Overland 167, 2002.

Invisible Hands and Iron Fists: Fear, Progress and Work and the End of the 20th Century

Chain_Gang_2a-2Over the last fifteen years in Australia, the workplace has been thoroughly and miserably transformed. With the biggest growth in employment recorded in casual and part-time work, with the proportion of those working over sixty hours a week registgering the most dramatic increase relative to other hours worked amongst full-time workers, the eight-hour day no longer warrants the appellation of ‘standard hours.’ Continue reading