Cutting Democracy’s Knot

In his first extended speech in the midst of the rebellions of the banlieues and an officially declared state of emergency, French President Jacques Chirac announced that the problem confronting France was ‘a crisis of meaning, a crisis of reference points and an identity crisis.’ Some time before this, Jean-Luc Nancy had remarked that ‘the…

Under the Beach, the Barbed Wire

Full text, in J. Berry-Slater and P. van Mourik Broekman, eds. Proud To Be Flesh: An Anthology of Cultural Politics after the Net (London: Mute/Autonomedia), 2009, pp.391-98 [republished from Dis-Integrating Multiculturalism – Mute 2:2, 2006, pp.34-33.].

As if to War

In one sense – a conspicuous sense – the paradox of sports rhetoric is this: it is perfectly acceptable to applaud sports people in terms such as ‘elite athletes’ while, at the same time, designating those who do not applaud as ‘elitists’. […]  Full text, Overland 166, 2002, pp.92-3.