Autonomy, Recognition, and Movement

Full text, The Commoner, n.11, 2006. Reprinted in S. Shukaitis; D. Graeber; E. Biddle (eds), Constituent Imagination. Militant Investigations, Collective Theorization, Oakland, AK Press, 2007, pp. 127-136. Excerpt in German appears as “Die Internalisierung des Kommandos als Gewohnheit: Autonomie, Erkenntnis, Bewegun” (2009). First paragraph below the fold 

Under the Beach, the Barbed Wire

Full text, in J. Berry-Slater and P. van Mourik Broekman, eds. Proud To Be Flesh: An Anthology of Cultural Politics after the Net (London: Mute/Autonomedia), 2009, pp.391-98 [republished from Dis-Integrating Multiculturalism – Mute 2:2, 2006, pp.34-33.].