Debt servitude, service work, oikos

Below is the bare-bones of the paper I did for the recent ASA conference on debt, oikos and service. The argument in that is drawn from C&C, but it’s an argument that I’ve become more sure of since, particularly with the recent wave of occupations at Sussex University against the privatisation of catering, and more recently the…

Abbott’s Flatland

An extract from Tony Robbin’s Shadows of Reality: The Fourth Dimension in Relativity, Cubism, and Modern Thought, on Edwin Abbott’s Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions. Enjoy.

The abolition and limitation of (which and whose) work?

I had sat down to do a post on automation and the abolition/limit of work-time, but given the level of some of the discussion I’ve seen, that seems to require some preliminaries and backgrounding, so aside from these remarks below, there’s another post on the concept of ‘socially-necessary labour’ here. There’s been some renewed discussion…


Below is the abstract I finally got around to finishing for Max Haiven’s project on money and art — on which there’s a lot of interesting material here, and an article here. As it happens, I think money has a lot to do with art, albeit assuming an expansive definition of its terms.

Affective labour

[This is a fragment from “Uncanny Robots and Affective Labour in the Oikonomia,” Cultural Studies Review, Vol 18, No 1 (2012), pp. 153-73. The full text can be found here.]