Art of Life, Art of War: Movement, Un/Common Forms, and Infrastructure

Here’s a link to my piece in the most recent e-flux, “Art of Life, Art of War: Movement, Un/Common Forms, and Infrastructure,” in great company.

I recommend using the pdf button at e-flux for readability, as it’s a very long piece. Or, more directly, here.

My argument, very briefly, is that there are two ‘logics’ at work in theories of movement, that of property (linked to oikonomia) and that of infrastructure (the threshold mechanisms of selection and appropriation that convert movement into circulation in uncertain, unbounded and frontier circumstances).

A version of a chapter that has been a long time in the writing, from its earliest iteration as a 2014 conference paper (some of which is here). With a great deal more elaboration and explanation, such as why I characterised Whitehead’s “art of life” as both deeply rationalist and mythic, and far more on theories of movement from Plato and Jomini, to Deleuze and Luxemburg.


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