Decolonizing #Occupy?

If ‘decolonizing’ the theories and practices around #occupy are to have any meaning, then presumably that involves being serious about the ways in which the reigning concepts of Western philosophy continue to shape a sense of politics, economics and, not least, the re/production of the capitalist form of value.


By way of settling an odd bet, here are some footnotes from an old essay on financial crisis, national debt and disciplinary practice in the 1930s (pdf):

The Gift of Surplus Labour

[Excerpted from Contract & Contagion, pp.163-64] The conservative critique of capitalism is preoccupied […] with taking capitalism to task for setting up crises of its own realisation, as in the expansion of debts that cannot – or will not – be repaid. It is concerned not with the question of moving beyond the interrelated dynamics…


Full text, Mute, n.29, 2005. Republished at RepublicArt, March 2005. In German as “Prekär – Wir ?” In Greek as Εμείς επισφαλείς;.