Consequentialism and the protection of fascist entitlement

In 1977, the American National Socialist Party announced a rally in Skokie, Illinois; a predominantly Jewish suburb, which included many Holocaust survivors and their relatives. The city of Chicago moved to bar the event, prohibited the display of swastikas and Nazi uniforms, and sought to relocate the rally away from Skokie. On behalf of the American National Socialist Party, the American Civil Liberties Union won four court decisions, overturning all the ordinances and injunctions against the rally, eventually arguing in the Supreme Court that the swastika should be a protected form of speech. The court ruled in its favour, some 30,000 members resigned from the ACLU in disgust. Continue reading

Mi existir es resistir. Estamos aqui

The murders at Pulse’s Latinx night in Orlando on June 11-12, 2016 were the largest massacre on US soil since the US Cavalry opened fire on the Lakota at Wounded Knee Creek just over a century ago.

More so, the erasure of Latinx/Indigenous, transgender and Black queers by the gaystream from the Stonewall Riots of decades ago until today should should not be allowed to go unchallenged. And as the video released from Familia: Trans Queer Liberation Movement puts it: “It is the system that created this violence since colonization started over 500 years ago.” Queering means dispensing with conventional categories as a matter of survival.

Those on mainstream media who are arguing that it was simply an attack on “people enjoying themselves” or that its significance is some abstract idea about guns and, worse, ‘mental health’ are—let’s be blunt—protecting their queerphobia with a liberal shield of abstract universality and a false enactment of ‘reasonableness.’ Continue reading