Contracts, Contagion and Infrastructures

So there have been a few projects ongoing, though few postings on the blog. In lieu of that, a linkdump of sorts.

schainFrom the Beyond Borders forum in Melbourne last November (a video of which is here), through the Working Paper, the xBorder Ops site and research into border infrastructure and financial links of the detention industry, and the emergence of calls to Boycott the 19th Biennale of Sydney for its sponsorship by a major migrant detention centre contractor (Transfield Services Ltd). Beyond Borders from Melbourne, and Matt, Brynn and Alana have been doing lots of excellent work here.

This is the Beyond Borders video callout, which I think is pretty excellent. Great work by Javed in particular:

For my part, some of this involves raising issues about contracts, finance and risk-shifting, some of it infrastructure. Much of it provides impetus for thinking and rethinking the writing of Infrastructures of Uncommon Forms – almost finished, but nevertheless immersed in experiments such as the above. An excerpt from Chapter Two, on managerialist approaches to infrastructure, is here.

Later this month, a series of readings from and around Contract & Contagion with others, organised by Karen Gregory at the CUNY Digital Labor Working Group, which I’m particularly looking forward to. And a session with the Disturbance Lecture Series in early March to look out for.


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