Time frames and lapses

Here are a couple of short texts about  time. “The Impersistence of Life and Variations of Time: Prognosis, Dialectics, Mutation,” and “Do Androids Dream Of Sleeping?“


Debt servitude, service work, oikos

Below is the bare-bones of the paper I did for the recent ASA conference on debt, oikos and service. The argument in that is drawn from C&C, but it’s an argument that I’ve become more sure of since, particularly with the recent wave of occupations at Sussex University against the privatisation of catering, and more recently the…


Estado ng matinding kalungkutan

I had been looking, with some shock, at a satellite image comparison of Haiyan and Katrina. And reading various reports as President Benigno (Noynoy) Aquino III declared a state of emergency, or more precisely, a “state of calamity” [estado ng matinding kalungkutan]. 


Spinoza’s joint-stock theory of the affects

Spinoza’s understanding of the affects can illuminate much, but I do not think it amounts to a critical or radical politics of the affective. So while I finish a post on the politics of affect that is more to do with current theories and politics around affect, I thought I would reiterate some of the…