Risk Archipelago, Broadspectrum and the Border Control Industry

The next edition of New Formations includes an essay of mine that has been the result of rethinking some of the key concepts in Contract & Contagion in the tumult of an almost two-year long boycott and divestment campaign directed against migration detention. Those key concepts are risk and uncertainty, but also, of course, contracts and contagion. The New Formations edition is on ‘Control,’ and the essays therein take Deleuze’s “Postscripts on the Societies of Control” as their subject or point of departure. I’m excited about reading them all.

Begun as that boycott and divestment campaign was launched, my own essay in that edition is “Archipelago of Risk: Uncertainty, Borders and Migration Detention Systems,” New Formations n.84, 2015. A brief extract and some remarks below. It is possibly one of the more technical essays I’ve written, in part because it was written in the midst of comprehending the empirical detail of a system (the IDN) with a theoretical and conceptual apparatus turned toward its transformation. Continue reading


Matagarup. The frontier wars never ended, were never won

Police moved in to Matagarup (colonial name: Heirisson Island) yesterday, site of the Nyoongar Bibbulman Tent Embassy in Perth (Western Australia) —  some fifty police, including a line of mounted police and dogs. They removed camping equipment, tents and sleeping bags. But the fire continues to burn, the Embassy remains, and there has been a call for donations to re-provision the encampment [cash donations can be made here]. Continue reading


The Performative Economy of the Racial Speculative


This paper focuses on the conjunctures between contemporary financial speculation, national security and border control systems for what these can illustrate about changing practices of race and racism. Pivotal to these systems are procedures that emphasise potential and unspecified threats that may occur in the future alongside an understanding of uncertainty as the condition of economic value. This paper emphasises the interlocking character of racialised panic and economic value that sets about transforming the present in the guise of an imagined future.  Continue reading


The skin in the political game of SYRIZA and ANEL

There has been a good deal of discussion about the recent elections in Greece and, in particular, SYRIZA’s decision to form a parliamentary alliance with the ultra-nationalist Independent Greeks (ANEL).  Continue reading


Squares, malls, bridges and highways (A note on infrastructure and #BlackLivesMatter)

Reading about the protests against police violence in the US, like many others I noted the issue of police militarization, but wondered more about the shift from the occupation of squares that has characterized many recent large-scale protests and the blockading of highways, bridges and ports.  Continue reading


Time frames and lapses

Here are a couple of short texts about  time. “The Impersistence of Life and Variations of Time: Prognosis, Dialectics, Mutation,” and “Do Androids Dream Of Sleeping?